My first YouTube video

I have posted my first home-made video on my brand new YouTube channel, Flora’s Patch.

It’s the first of a four-part demonstration of a sunflower painting. The demonstration will also be published in Artists & Illustrators magazine in the summer, as a “masterclass”. (That’s what they call it, a bit more dramatic than “demonstration”…)

This first part is all about shadows:

Oh wow, I was just going to include a link but it actually plays the whole thing right here! Unfortunately I didn’t exactly do it on purpose… I’m still pretty pleased.

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to be updated when I post part 2. It’s free, you just need to click “subscribe”.

Happy painting!

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  1. Sophie DELESQUE says:

    Merci, merci, merci. Vous n’imaginez pas à quel point je suis heureuse de voir votre blog actif et avec des videos en plus. Que du bonheur ! Many many Thanks

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