Bienvenue dans l’atelier de Sandrine Maugy

“Ever since I spied a painting of Sandrine’s in a local exhibition and bought it, I have admired her developing talent for the careful depiction of wild and garden flowers, fruits and plants. She regularly visits my garden, producing paintings of rare and unusual plants some of which hang in our home, admired by visitors.” Roy Lancaster.

Sandrine started painting botanical subjects when her enjoyment of gardening, fascination for colour and passion for painting suddenly collided. She started with Botanical Illustration and slowly drifted towards Botanical Painting, using composition and intense colours to create contemporary plant portraits.

More recently, Sandrine started merging her love of fabrics and painting to create textiles collections.

The blog page works together with Sandrine’s free YouTube channel Flora’s Patch, where you can find a range of art and textiles videos, including some demonstrations.



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